Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Los Angeles for SYTAR meetings

Welcome to my blog - the beginning of what I hope will be a great and long journey, discussing all the wonderful and not so wonderful merits of Breathing In This Life.

I am returning from Los Angeles as I write, stuck in Las Vegas for a 3 hour layover - that could be considered one of the "not too wonderful" things about Breathing - however, I am using the time to work and catch up on my thoughts from the wonderful events of the last 3 days. So yes, the Breathing in LAS can be nice too.

For the students of PYTS, I have spend the last 3 days in amazing and interesting discussion with our colleagues in yoga therapy across the globe. The added dimension was that we had a singular focus - as Directors and Presidents of many schools of yoga therapy - we were discussing the process of creating educational standards for yoga therapists both domestically and internationally. What began with some trepidation and fear, ended with a realization for many of us - we share consensus on more things than we diverge on. This is a good thing, because it will lead us, in a spirit of unity, toward establishing yoga therapy as an accepted and effective modality of leading people to a better quality of life through improving their health on a multi-dimensional level. A mouthful - but yoga therapy and its delivery and definition is no easy task to embark upon.

So as I sit in the airport on the hard, concrete floor, typing my first blog ever (hurrah!), I am positive, optimistic, and motivated to assist in any way possible the process of creating educational standards for yoga therapists across the globe. I believe the process we engaged in, as directors of yoga therapy schools internationally, both last year and this year at SYTAR - are first necessary steps in a long process toward ultimately - improving and maybe even revolutionizing health care in America - and the world!

Yea for yoga therapy and its bright, bright future!

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