Monday, January 4, 2010

Easy Self-Massage for Boosting Energy & Exercise Results

Ayurveda, the Indian system of Yogic medicine, has long supported that marma points are vital areas of energy in the body where two major systems meet - blood vessels and bone, nerves and ligaments, tendons and their blood supply, for example.

The word "marma" means hidden, or secret. Marma massage (similar to acupressure) is an ancient practice, as is Marma Puncture, which is akin to Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Damage to certain marma points consequently, by accident or mortal combat, was documented to result in severe injury and sometimes even death. As a result, marma and acupressure/puncture points are held in high esteem and are well respected as powerful entry/exit points for administering healing modalities in eastern medicine.

In our culture, you do not need an expert to enjoy the benefits of marma massage. In fact, it is possible to do marma massage on yourself. This type of self massage in Ayurveda is called "abhyanga." Some of the benefits of marma massage include reduced pain, stress, tender or trigger points in the muscle, and improved energy, breathing, digestion, and mood. Self-massage is easy, does not take long, and can reap a wealth of benefits. When you don't "feel like doing your yoga or working out", self-massage can get you back on the wellness wagon.

Today I am giving you a free self-massage program, complete with the benefits of self-massage. Please note that you must consult with your physician or health care practitioner before starting any fitness or wellness based regime, such as this one.

Download your Free Marma Self-Massage for the Lower Body. Try it today!

*Photo from Ayurveda - you can purchase this marma poster shown, in smaller format, here

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