Monday, December 28, 2009

Fitness Tips for the New Year

Each New Year I seriously consider my path for the upcoming year. Not just a 10 minute reflection, but at least a week long perusal - I consider where I have been, where I am, and where I want to go.

I write, think, pray, read, and then discuss with those closest to me, what I find out about my Self. This year, even in this last month of the year, I've uncovered some real surprises about how my path should and will change in 2010.

I was recently interviewed by columnist, Katarina Kovacevic on matters of setting fitness goals for 2010. She wanted to know how I help people get and stay fit.

Below is my reply, in addition to two more related tips about achieving health. I practice what I preach to others - so yes, I follow the guidelines you will read.

I believe that I must care take the physical body, carefully and respectfully, in order to achieve health in all other areas of my life. In this way, I assure that my fitness routine helps, not hinders, me from achieving my larger life goals.

Here's to getting off on the right foot to fitness for 2010. Read the interview with Ginger by columnist Katarina Kovacevic.
6 Fitness tips to get you started

Bonus Tips
Here are two more extras for you, to help you find the straight and narrow AND enjoy being on The Path!

  1. Don't make a new year's resolution centered around a "fitness goal." Instead, set a personal intention. In other words, make sure you love what you are about to dedicate yourself to. When designing fitness programs for patients and clients alike, my number one goal is making sure they enjoy what I am prescribing for them. To determine what you like - journal or write down what makes you tick. Think critically about what you enjoy that could be related to activity? Thinking on this level might look like this: "I know I am a better person when I have solitude. I like quiet." If this is true, your intention may be to get up just 20 minutes earlier in the morning so you can cultivate your Best Day.
  2. Make sure your fitness plan includes a Physical, Psycho-Emotional, Intellectual/Social, Energetic/Spiritual component. A routine that has all these facets might look like this:
  • Physical - 20 minute walk during lunch to post office each day; 15 minute morning or evening yoga session for strength/flexibility/endurance/fortitude
  • Psycho-Emotional - 10 minute meditation for stress management and positive thinking
  • Intellectual - Allow time for reading an inspirational passage, poem, or writing your own
  • Social - Preparing & enjoying a "Slow Food" Dinner with family, spouse, partner, or friends
  • Energetic - Addressing conflict when it arises and not repressing it OR changing the color of your bedroom or kitchen to suit "you" for this year.
  • Spiritual - Readings, devotion, prayer, meditation, or attendance/involvement/volunteering in a local service, mission, or charity
Remember - our the health of our "physical exterior" depends on the multi-faceted health of our "interior." A future "health care plan" in America should reflect this Truth - True "health care" must cover more than treatment of our exterior infirmities.

*photo by Paul Church, 2009

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