Monday, April 6, 2009

Thinking globally and acting locally WORKS!


Recently, I started a campaign called "PROJECT SUPPORT AFGHAN WOMEN'S HEALTH", for The Initiative to Educate Afghan Women. A volunteer for IEAW, it came to my attention that the girls at IEAW were suffering from nutritional and vitamin deficiencies. I decided to act.

I set out to stamp out this problem through no small task. I was going to raise enough money, with a small, local effort, to try and effect global change, ultimately for the country of Afghanistan. I decided to start with trying to secure enough funds to provide vitamins for these girls through the summer. My next goal was to raise enough funds to purchase, package, and ship an annual supply of multivitamins (organic, whole food, probiotic vitamins) to each girl.

I got several hundred dollars into fundraising, when I decided to send out a proposal to one of the country's largest organic vitamin manufacturers, New Chapter. Less than 2 weeks later, New Chapter answered my plea!

New Chapter has donated over $11,000 in multivitamins to the Afghan girls of IEAW for the 2009-10 school year. My small, local effort has now gleaned national attention, for which I am deeply grateful and humbled. Now each of the 46 Afghan girls attending school because of IEAW will be able to better focus on their studies!

So people - get out there and ACT! Thinking globally and acting locally DOES WORK!
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