Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A voice from the frontline

*photograph & identity of the young woman has been removed from site for her safety

Everyone, please meet a dear friend and courageous young woman from Afghanistan. I am proudly publishing a poem she has written, a true testament to the many brave and strong women of Afghanistan, in her honor and with her gracious permission. Her message is loud and clear, to all women who have been or are oppressed.

She* writes,

Sister, Don't Be Discouraged
April 6th, 2009

Afghan woman, don’t be discouraged, desperate. You are a champion
Even though they have kept you far from knowledge
Be a fighter, try to seek knowledge
So that you may be wise, knowing good from bad and friends from enemies
Life is worthless if there is no knowledge and skills
In reality all living beings are meant to learn
Even the Islamic faith has obligated learning for men and women
So that no one is left without knowledge of the world

Afghan maiden! Why be deprived of literacy? And why be hopeless your whole life?
You are no less in skills and intelligence than others
Learn from Malalais who are your kind
Their names shine eternally like the name of our country and land shines
Be determined, fear no difficulty, find your path!While the destination is far, you will reach the caravan
In the chosen path if you fall a hundred times, stand up again
Hopelessness and defeat are not the traits of a champion
(I) am your companion in this battle
Dusk is not eternal, dawn draws nearer

It means that time is passing, and after the end of each darkness there is light.
Do not give up trying. At the end you will be more knowledgeable and reach your purpose.

To see the poem in Arabic, go to
My hope is that we as Americans, would be involved with helping, not hurting; building up, not tearing down; loving, not fighting. We can make a difference, each as one, just like this strong woman with a voice in Afghanistan.
Reach out and make a difference. Volunteer for an organization you believe in. Support humanitarian and mission efforts to enable and empower those in need to care for themselves and their children. Don't let another day pass without making a difference in this world.
One action can be heard for eternity. The time to act is now.
Consider volunteering time or giving donations to these organizations that I support: - The Initiative to Educate Afghan Women - National Resources Defense Council - Heifer International - Save The Children
Haiti Initiative Mission & Stop Hunger Now - Local effort to provide self sustaining means of living to Haitians through clean water projects, solar ovens, newborn and child aid, medical missions, and school revitalization and support

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