Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your Child's Best: Choosing Vitamins

I received this question via email today, and responded right away with the following answer.

Q: Ginger, I wanted to let you know I have been enjoying your blog. It is wonderful that you are sharing all of your wisdom. I read your article on nutrition and taking a high quality multi-vitamin. As for my 4 year old son, I have been having a hard time finding a chewable multi-vitamin for him that does not contain all the nasty dye's etc. What do you give your kids?

A: Great question!
You are absolutely right – children’s vitamins are usually horrendously toxic – containing saccharin, loads of artificial dyes, and preservatives. I searched for some time before I found an honorable vitamin which seemed to meet my strict requirements: vegetable derived, no dyes, no artificial flavoring, no preservatives, and no saccharin! For children with allergies, these vitamins are also soy, dairy, yeast, and corn free!
I give my children "Animal Parade" vitamins – they come in liquid or chewable form. Both my children are on the chewables now and they absolutely love them.

In addition, my eldest son has developmental delays, so I supplemented his diet with fish oil to assist in his neurological development. The change was remarkable, and with no other apparent variables to influence his improvement, his speech improve markedly within a week of beginning the fish oil supplement.
In fact, the fish oil is so good that my husband and I started taking them as well. For those of you who are fish oil connoisseurs or those who cannot bear the thought of stomaching fish oil, Omega Fish Oil is mild and easy to digest and is proven to be beneficial for brain function and heart health.

Lastly, they both get extra vitamin C during the nasty winter flu months. They have been getting it year round since the swine flu outbreak, however. Studies disagree on the benefits of vitamin C, however, it is not expensive, is safe, and my children are sick less often than their peers.
My children take the following vitamins on a daily basis:*
*the information given is only a suggestion and not a recommendation. the suggestions contained here are only given as a "Good Samaritan" gesture to assist fellow moms who struggle to find as close to an "organic" vitamin as possible for their children and is not intended as health care or physical therapy advice in any way. All parents should consult their child's (hopefully holistic!) pediatrician to determine what vitamin, if any, is best for your child.

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