Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stillness This Season

How do you find a moment's peace during the busiest (and unfortunately the most consumer driven!) time of the year?

Recently, a student of mine wrote a poem and sent it to me. She wrote, inspired by the progress she had made during the brief time I worked with her using Elemental Renewal. Through our work she rediscovered her strength, discipline, and appreciation of a slower and deliberately minimized approach to living, breathing, and moving.

Here is the poem she shared with me.

K. Hudson
written on Emerald Isle, NC
November 7, 2009

Let me let the stillness be.
Let me let the "me" by "Me."
In face of You sometimes I flee,
rushing, doing, busily.

Let me let the stillness be.
Let me slow and breathe and see.
Let me feel my hand touch Me.
Let my heart rise and break free.

Just who is it that must allow?
Who bars the way, the path, the how?
Who uses fear to bend and bow?
Is it me who blocks the Now?

Let me let the stillness be
I choose then Now to trust, to see,
accept the fear, embrace that Me.
I love and let You. I am free.

And when I let you work in Me
I finally let the stillness be
And in that Being then I see
In the stillness, You are Me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Her poem is an impassioned plea we should all hear.
Stop and Be Still. Know the reason, whether or not you believe, that we celebrate this Season. It exists and persists to spread Hope, Compassion, Grace, and above all, Love.
Share Joy with someone today. Because we are all intertwined, when you Embrace others, you yourself will be Embraced.

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