Friday, February 19, 2010

Headaches during Pregnancy: What You Can Do

Last week I received a wonderful question from a subscriber who is also an integrative medicine family practice physician. Her question is a common problem for many women during pregnancy. Read my response below.

Question: "I have a patient who is pregnant and suffering from frequent migraine/tension type headaches." "Are there any safe holistic remedies for treating headaches during pregnancy?"

Answer: Headaches are a common occurrence during pregnancy and the reason for them is not entirely understood. But medical science has determined potential reasons for them. I have addressed this in an excerpt I will share with you from my upcoming book, Fit & Fearless Birth, which will includes a list of potential causes and solutions I use to help them manage headaches during pregnancy.

Prenatal Headaches: Facts & Causes

  • Headaches are most common during the first and third trimester - which coincides with some of the most drastic changes in body systems.
  • Other symptoms can be caused by the headaches, such as photophobia or light sensitivity (59%), nausea (52%), vomiting (37%), and occasionally with fever (11%), meningismus (9%), or even seizures (7%).1
  • In the first trimester, blood volume and metabolism increases and hormonal surges can be to blame for headaches.
  • In the third trimester, weight gain, postural changes, metabolism increases, and blood volume can be responsible for causing headaches.
  • Other causes of headaches can include lack of sleep, poor diet/nutrition, caffeine or alcohol consumption, poor posture, stress, dehydration, lack of exercise, musculoskeletal imbalances such as poor abdominal tone, or myofascial restriction.

*photo is of Ginger in the third trimester of her second pregnancy

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