Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Fear Vaccine

I just finished reading my requisite Oprah article for the day. No joke.

My "To Do" list for the next few weeks (actually months) has arrived and weighs about as much as an anvil (you know the kind in the Road Runner cartoons). My attempts to keep the proverbial anvil of stress off my head and shoulder area include yoga, time in meditation (yes, that's also yoga), and spending time with family - and oh yes, reading an Oprah article (or 6, like this morning) a day.

I actually read, on average, about one "Oprah article" a day. You know the kind - they are eternally uplifting, positive thinking, and empowering to women. They are effective because they are written by other women - they have had to negotiate the road blocks, pot holes, and sometimes land mines along life's road - and have survived to tell their story. Oprah articles usually spotlight the essence of women helping women - something we need more of in our society today.

Today's article was a shot in the arm for me (a positive one, if there is such a thing).
Try this one on for size - and see if this short and sweet article vaccinates you against fear like it has for me:

Donna Braziles, author and political commentator, "4 Things To Make Peace With."

*I took this photo while I was in Philadelphia presenting at the 61st Annual NATA Convention. The Liberty Bell is a symbol of liberation from oppression and fear for many people, not just Americans.

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