Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quelling Nausea (Naturally) During Pregnancy

My Beautiful Cause For Nausea
(My second son, taken in 2007)
My last few posts have been dedicated to parenting (Read the Yoga of Compassionate Parenting) and getting pregnant (Read the Fertility and Yoga Series Part One and Part Two), so this week I am going to switch gears - specifically for women who are pregnant.

To all mothers who are newly pregnant, congratulations!  
All of you, no doubt, have different signs and symptoms which gave you clues that made you go out and buy that first pregnancy test. Some of the most common first signs of pregnancy include tender breasts, joint pain, increased hunger or thirst, fatigue, and the big one - nausea.

Between 70-85% of women will experience nausea at some point during pregnancy.1  Although nausea is usually not the first symptom of pregnancy, it can be the most debilitating one. It interferes with your ability to complete even the most simple of everyday activities.  And if you have other children to care for, life becomes even more challenging. So if you are an expectant mom with nausea, today's post is for you.

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