Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Women's Empowerment In An Age Of Illness

Taken in 2005
Just before
giving birth to
my first son.
This week I am happy to share two blogs - written by women for women. 

Both blogs are excellently written, focusing on positive change for women in America.  Their founders are experienced women and mothers who are experts in their field.  This blog, BITL, has in the past been featured on both of these blogs.

This week I have two posts featured for those seeking to improve the status and health of women everywhere. 

an excerpt:
Our current approach in women’s health care in the US is not working.
In the US, there are more women living in poverty and suffering from chronic diseases than men. (1,2) ...women need better access to and better health care... they need and deserve the empowerment that comes with enjoying better health. Part Two in this series will show you how you can self-empower your way to better health through a 5000 year old practice. ...Read the full post

an excerpt:
Life is painful. We all struggle...I have two dear friends...women who inspire every person’s life they touch. They are Alaha Ahrar and Shannon Johnson – two women from opposite corners of the globe...My own struggles pale in comparison to Shannon and Alaha’s, yet it doesn’t lessen the reality that I (and everyone else) have to wage battles and claim victory over my own losses and tragedies in life everyday. It’s embarrassing to admit we don’t have it all together, but I think if we share our pain with each other, it lessens the burden. Which is why I can say that I am now in the middle of a struggle...Read the full post

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