Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A "Fantasy State of the Union"

As American mothers our opinions may differ on many topics - from politics to diapering to schooling to daycare to working outside vs. inside the home, just to name a few.  Some of these topics cause us to draw battle lines and take sides in contentious and unnecessary "mommy wars."

However, I think perhaps, we can all agree on this statement - a country that discriminates against its own families is a country that cannot prosper. In other words, if America and its lawmakers (continue to) neglect the well being of America's families - then it cannot thrive.

Last night's State of the Union Address had many Americans tuned in - and as a mother, you are naturally (and voraciously) concerned about your children's future and your family's well being.  Your (Wo)Man in Washington blogger and Advocacy Coordinator for the National Association of Mothers' Centers, Valerie Young, has published a clever piece about just that topic.  It is entitled "Fantasy State of the Union," and it addresses the very thing which I believe, is hindering the well being of our Nation.

In it, Ms. Young details an America where:
  • equal rights for mothers and families exist
  • being a mother is not the most common risk factor for living in poverty.

Please take time to read Valerie's post, which she has so graciously permitted me to piggyback from her blog to mine today.  It is an urgent message that should spur our Nation's leaders to action, and should naturally spur all those who currently follow and suffer from these inequities - to stand up and lead. 

I believe her message, and others like it such as Dr. Riane Eisler and her Caring Economics Campaign, harness effectual ideas that, if heeded, can lead our country toward a more prosperous, compassionate, and solvent age - which benefits everyone.

As mothers, we are raising up our country's future.  Therefore, we have a voice. We have power. We can create change - for our children's future and to strengthen this, our American family and country.

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