Saturday, October 24, 2009

Support Women's Rights

Below is a poem, newly penned by a young Afghan woman* and dear friend of mine. Her life and the life of her family is in constant danger because of her gender, nationality, and her family's support of her education. Yet this brave young woman fights fearlessly for the liberation of all fellow Afghan women.

As U2's Bono sings, "where you live should not determine whether your live or die." Please compassionately read her poem and support the fight for women's rights!

The Gradual Death of Vulnerable Afghan Women

The rights of women are high in the world, it is said,
but this privilege is mere words.
Women do not possess their own rights,
be it in the past or present, it is apparent.
To restore women's rights, they all talk,
but except to win status, they take no actions.

O Afghan woman, strive to win your own rights!
Seek knowledge and be aware of your rights.
If you do not win your rights, who will give them to you?
How long will you be vulnerable? Fight for your rights!
A gradual death has given you this day.
If you want to be rescued, then be a fighter and fear nothing.
The defender of the deprived Afghan women and their rights.
We share the pain of the women of the world.

*For safety, the author's name is not published.

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