Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Cannot Wait For Peace

"If you want world peace,
go home and love your family."
~Mother Teresa

Today, the Washington Post has announced 8 more troops were killed in southern Afghanistan this morning. Some one's son or daughter has been lost forever to war, in the name of freedom. Laying down one's life for another is the ultimate sacrifice.

We cannot stop war by simply shouting "peace!" We have to do something. Just as each of the 8 troops gave their lives today - an individual can make a difference. Their deaths were not in vain. Those who would argue differently, try saying that to the parents of those who gave their life. Our thoughts and prayers should all go out to those parents and families, with words of comfort and support.

We can "be the change."
There is widespread violence against women throughout Afghanistan and other countries across the globe. Nurture peace by helping women who are standing in the crossfire of war and are many times over the victims of horrific crimes in the name of "war."

Ways to "be the change."
On September 21, the Peace X Peace (pronounced Peace By Peace) non profit organization launched a campaign. Here is what they pleaded for:

"Women around the world have been patient long enough. We have been nice and polite long enough. We need to start getting in the way, whenever and wherever violence rears its head. Each of us is stronger than we think, and together we are strong enough to do anything - even end this bad human habit of war. It starts with me and you, together, today. I have made up my mind and planted my feet, and I WON'T wait for peace."

  1. A simple act of solidarity for all women. Acting in peace for women everywhere by joining Peace X Peace today. It is free, only takes a minute, and is a way to stay connected with other women who are advocates for peace in our time.
  2. Follow Mother Teresa's advice. Let's all make sure we go home and love our family today. If the whole world did that, could war be an option?

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