Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Women's Rights: Are You Exercising Yours?

This year marks (only) the 90 year anniversary of women earning a basic human civil right: the right to vote.

As a woman - and as a mother, I have both been an observer and a victim of the discrimination which still exists against women today. Just to scratch the surface: Women still only make $.78 to a man's dollar, and until this past July, there was still no mandatory policy which gave women the right to breastfeed in privacy while at work. Further, America is one of the last industrialized nations to not adopt a maternity policy. Learn more about women's rights in my past blogs:
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Because of this existing discrimination, I want to share a message about our 90 year anniversary that has been continually circulated via the internet this year.

I have been unable to locate the document's original owner, but hope that I can one day credit (probably her) for her hard work.

The document is entitled "Only 90 Years Ago They Were Jailed,"and although it is a mere 2 pages - it will, like it did me, rock me to my core and appropriately remind me of how important it is for me, as a woman, to vote.

Photo: A woman is struck down during a suffragette demonstration in 1903.

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